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To feel comfortable with the world, you must first feel comfortable with yourself. At Club Etiquette, we will help you to carry yourself properly in social situations, business settings, and a variety of daily activities. We want you to enjoy life to the fullest! Whether you are a beginner or are proficient, Club Etiquette has the resources to help you improve yourself. We teach etiquette to all ages. Call, E-Mail or Contact Us, for more information about all the services we offer. Club Etiquette is a traveling classroom based in Houston, Texas. We provide lessons to ages four through adult on a variety of topics including: etiquette, social graces and character development. Our method is a combination of entertainment, art, role-play, and interactive fun. Feel free to explore our site. If you have any questions, please Click Here.

At Club Etiquette, we know that if you plant the seeds of respect for self and others and teach the rules of society in a fun way, our youth of today has a better chance to grow into responsible leaders of tomorrow.?

-GiGi Lewis, Founding Director

Educators, business leaders and parents around the country are saying that manners have a place in school curriculum and business agenda.

Jon D. Williams

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We now accept payments online using PayPal! Carmelo's Characters & Cotillion are now available for registration online, but we will be adding more soon! Be sure to check it out!