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Men should rise
Only when the lady makes eye contact, then leaves the table.
The first time a lady leaves the table.
Every time a lady leaves the table.
The significance of a napkin at a meal is
A cloth used to dab your mouth.
Signifies the beginning of a meal.
Signifies that you will be back to the table and are not finished with your meal.
All of the above
It is considered acceptable to
Use your fingers to help your food onto your plate.
Use your bread to sop gravy.
None of the above
In a business setting regarding an elevator
Women and children should be allowed to go first.
One should allow the others inside the elevator to exit before entering.
Both of the above
In a national survey, 3,000 women were interviewed on the qualities they most admired in men. Their number one choice was
Men who are wealthy
Men who can dance
Men who are attractive
Men who have a sense of humor
The difference between manners and etiquette are
Manners refer to rules and etiquette refers to behaviour.
Manners refer to behavior and etiquette refers to rules.
Manners refer to behavior and etiquette refers to your place in society.
There is no difference
The practice of setting the blade of the knife facing toward the plate began
To balance the table setting.
To help prevent slitting other's throats.
To make it handy to cut your food.
To indicate whose knife it is.
At a dance, it is considered okay to dance with someone
Who asks you after you have said no to another person for the same song
Who asks you, only if you have not turned someone down for the same song.
Other than your date, only if you have that agreement with your date.
Of the same sex.
The bread and butter plate is always
To the left.
To the right.
Directly in front of your plate.
On the floor.
When unsure if a joke is proper
It is a good idea to listen to other's jokes before telling your own.
It is better to err on the side on the side of conversation.
It is a good idea to look around to see the type of people you are telling the joke to.
Do not tell it.