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"Develop valuable characteristics
for a lifetime of social graces."

Club Etiquette is a traveling classroom (via the Manners Mobile) and will travel to your location and custom write a class for your individual group's needs. The classes that we offer are private and are offered year-round. We offer instruction to adults and corporate sales groups as well as children. Also, with groups of ten or more, our dining etiquette classes take place at elegant restaurants. We have given thousands of children social skills that will give them an edge by virtue of their knowledge in a variety of social situations. Our extensive curriculum started from the heart, and has been refined through experience. All Club Etiquette classes are taught personally by our Founding Director, Mrs. GiGi Lewis and or her highly trained staff.

This is just a small portion of the curriculum shared with students in our Club Etiquette classes. In the new school year, we may have many occasions to meet new friends. We can remember to practice proper instructions, carry on intelligent conversations, and get to know the other person through the following tips:

1. Smile
2. Make eye contact
3. Shake hands web to web (L to L between the forefinger and thumb) using your right hand.
4. Remember to include your last name when introducing yourself.
5. Remember to listen carefully, and repeat the other person's name after they introduce themselves to you. This shows respect as well as helps you remember their name.


For more information on how Club Etiquette can custom write a class for your group, click here to use our online contact form, or call (281) 589-KIDS 5437.