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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   Is Club Etiquette the same as the Memorial Area Dance Clubs?

A:   Dance Club 2008 and others are typically organized and executed by area mothers of children from that age group. They volunteer to do the work that our professional staff from Club Etiquette does through our offices such as registrations, locations bookings, dance instructor bookings, etc. Also, our groups are typically smaller than dance club groups, between 40 and 80 children. This affords more personalized instruction and a more intimate group. Many parents have expressed that their child is shy in large groups, and appreciate that their child is not "lost in the crowd". The groups that are typically hired for the dance instruction portion requires a minimum of 100 children before they will accept a booking and we have observed groups of 200+ students.

We do not conduct multiple Cotillions in one night. That night is devoted to your child's group. Dance Clubs are often booked back to back at the same location in the same night. Club Etiquette Cotillions teaches in an interactive method through games, quizzes, role play, and theme nights. Our final class is catered by a European trained Caterer, and beautiful etched awards are presented to each student. Since Club Etiquette is an etiquette and social skills group, we have a heavier focus in that area. The dance instruction is taught by a wonderful instructor who just completed years of ballroom dance instruction to stars in California.

We are constantly evolving our curriculum to meet our objectives in newer and better ways. We need to have an equal number of girls and boys participating in each dance cotillion. The children even have a word about what future socials include.

Q:     Who signs up for Club Etiquette Cotillions?

A:     Club Etiquette Cotillions are designed for Memorial Area 7th and 8th graders. Our locations are designed for the convenience of Memorial area families. We even help you make carpool connections.

Q:     Can a student participate in Dance Club and Club Etiquette Cotillions?

A:     Yes, and we have had many who have done so.

Q:     What happens when your Cotillion fills?

A:     If we have enough interest, we set dates for a new one to accommodate everyone. We do not want anyone to feel "left out".

Q:     If my child has a friend from another school who wants to participate in the same Cotillion, can that friend do so?

A:     Yes.

Q:     Do parents have to do anything during Cotillions?

A:     We are full service and depend on parents to chaperone, aid with the RSVP area of instruction, and decorations for the final social. We take care of the rest. Of course our ears are always open for new ideas.

Q:     What is Jr. Cotillion?

A:     Club Etiquette Cotillions begins in the 6th grade with formal dining manners at a local restaurant with a European trained staff. Those children have first choice to join the 7th grade dance groups in their upcoming school year. This means they receive invitations ahead of those who did not participate in the Jr. Cotillion Mastering Table Manners course.

Q:     What if my think that my 7th grader is not ready for couples dance?

A:     At this point Club Etiquette Cotillions is offering 8th grade Cotillions to fill the needs of that exact situation.


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