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 Club Etiquette Cotillion

The Club Etiquette Jr. Cotillion Eight Month Event Includes:

  • The Club Etiquette Social Program

Your teen will master over 250 points of social grace

    • Meeting and Greeting Others

    • Introducing Yourself and Others

    • R.S.V.P. etiquette

    • Offering a Grown-up Handshake and Making Eye Contact

    • Conversation Skills

    • Telephone and Texting Manners at Home and in Public

    • The Etiquette of Public Events and Places

    • How to  Write a Thank-you Note

    • Personal Qualities That Count

  • The Club Etiquette Dining Program

Your teen will master over 150 points of dining etiquette

    • How to Navigate the Place Setting

    • American and Continental Styles of Eating

    • Proper Use of the Napkin

    • Proper Holding of Dining Utensils

    • How to Take Your Seat

    • When to Begin Eating

    • Politeness When Excusing Yourself

  • The Club Etiquette Dance Program

Your teen will learn at least 100 points of dance and dance etiquette

    • Poise and Posture

    • Dance Floor etiquette

    • Rumba

    • Fox Trot

    • Jitterbug

    • Swing

    • Cha-cha

    • Line Dancing and much more

  • The Club Etiquette Personal Development Program

Your teen will learn at least 50 points of personal development.

    • Making wise choices

    • Empathy skills, self-respect, cause and effect.

    • Recognize your unique personal assets.

    • Develop an edge in relationships.

    • Experience a rite of passage.

    • Develop confidence in his/her personal image.

    • Proper dress for various occasions.

In addition your child will receive

  • The Official Club Etiquette Jr. Cotillion Comprehensive Workbook for each student to keep as a reference guide.

  • Footnotes™, The Club Etiquette Jr. Cotillion e-Newsletter for parents.

  • Personal access to nationally acclaimed, Mrs. GiGi Lewis, for etiquette and advice for social challenges, through Club Etiquette’s Official Facebook (GiGi Lewis, Club Etiquette) and Twitter pages.

  • Optional Club Etiquette Jr. Cotillion Enrichment Field Trips

  • Many more benefits as listed in the registration form including a group photo.

  • Positive reinforcement through prizes and recognition in a wholesome environment.

What is a Cotillion? Webster's definition is Cotillion - (ki til' yen) 1. French for the word petticoat. 2. A society dance with elaborate rituals and proscribed behavior. We at Club Etiquette Jr. Cotillion define Cotillion as: Cotillion:- (ki til' yen) 1. Fun experience for your child. 2. Lifetime skills for your child. 3. A quintessential rite of passage.

Through our Jr. Cotillion program, you can give your child the opportunity to develop a lifetime of social graces. When your child enters what could be an awkward phase of life, such as that first co-ed dance, date, or gathering, he/she has the opportunity to enter it with grace, poise, and confidence because of their participation in our Jr. Cotillion program.

At Club Etiquette, we know your time is valuable. That is why we have developed a full service social learning experience which includes catering and elegant rewards on the last night. We are happy to offer you an all inclusive program which does not limit the number of children accepted per school. Our early bird registration allows you to save money, too!

Club Etiquette Jr. Cotillion is now offering the same high standards of instruction that you have come to expect from Club Etiquette for the past several years. With an emphasis on etiquette, social graces, and proper dance techniques for males and females, we have coordinated a program that will prepare your child with sophisticated social skills for a variety of situations for   years to come. With both theme nights and a catered awards ceremony and dance social upon graduation, Jr. Cotillion promises to be fun, too!

It was developed to fill requests from past students and the requests from many Memorial Area families. We are excited that services have been so lovingly accepted by many Houston Schools such as Memorial Middle, Duchesne, Spring Forest Middle, Awty International, The Village School, and Grace Presbyterian, The Regis School, and Spring Branch Middle School to name a few. Local parents have said the nicest things. Click here for testimonials.

If you have a friend that you would like to participate in one of our Jr. Cotillions, please feel free to give them our number, and we will send them what they need to begin. If you have another sibling in the Jr. Cotillion age range, call us, and we will share with you how to begin a group.

We look forward to another year of educational fun with you and your child!

GiGi Lewis

For more information on joining the next Jr. Cotillion, click here to contact us.