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How will this benefit our school?

Open the door for your students to be model graduates and members of your alumni, distinguished by their confidence in handling a number of social situations with ease.
Increase knowledge and practice of common courtesies
Help students and staff develop a consistent method of dealing with difficult social situations.
Help develop a sense of pride in self, school, and community
Help shape your students to become more productive members of society and their community.

How can we implement this exciting program?

Enrichment Classes
Parent Teacher Organization
Speakers for groups such as parents, teachers, staff or children
Inservice Education


Theme Based Reading
Role Playing Interactive Discussions
Singing Games
Practical Experiences Pop Quizzes
Video Clips Arts and Crafts
Can conclude with Awards Ceremony or Certificates.

Practical Ideas for:

Students to practice everyday
Directors and principals to implement with staff.
Teachers to use in the classroom
Parents to apply at home

Testimonials from Principals and Directors

"Club Etiquette gives our student first hand knowledge on how to treat each other and how to act at a formal or semiformal gathering. It is a great program that all of our 6th graders love!" 1st Baptist Academy, Mr. Todd Prince, Middle School Principal

"Mrs. Lewis' classes are fun. The children love her creative and interactive style. They don't even realize they are learning." Christ Memorial Lutheran Early Learning Centre, Mrs. Alice Johnson, Director

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