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Girl Scouts & Club Etiquette

A Perfect Pair!
Club Etiquette has actively taught Girl Scouts in the San Jacinto Region since 1996. We offer courses at the San Jacinto Girls Scout Center throughout the year.

If you wish, however, Club Etiquette can travel to your troop meeting and conduct a workshop there.

Our classes are fun and interactive. Some include mini fashion shows, role-play, arts & crafts and games.

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Common Courtesies, Basic Manners, Workshops
Brownie Manners Try-It Workshop
Mastering Table Manners- Field Trip
My Cup of Tea - Short Course 
Stress Less- Workshop
Mastering Table Manners
Manners for Young Ladies, Workshop
My Cup of Tea - Short Course
Stress to Success - Workshop
Mastering Table Manners - Field Trip
Manners for Young Ladies - Workshop
Also, we offer mega-seminars which last a complete day and are like four seminars in one. These are especially helpful to out of town troops who might find it difficult to attend individual seminars.

To learn more, go to from Alarming to Charming
To see a Calendar of Events go to Calendar.
To Register for a class, go to Registration Forms.
To ask questions or reserve a date for your troop, email reservations@clubetiquette.com