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"I highly recommend Club Etiquette! The Cotillion classes were well worth it. You were able to instill in my child the basic social skills that I had been trying to get him to do for years. He even now opens doors for me on a regular basis without being told! " Leslie Conrads, Westchester Mom of Wynn Conrads, 8th grade

"The comments you hear in the car on the way home from Cotillion say it all. The girls seemed to thoroughly enjoy preparing for the Class. I even know of one girl who danced in the driveway to show her parents what she learned." Carol Stokes, Spring Forest Mom of Jessica Stokes, 7th grade

"I always used to taste-test in the buffet line. I've learned that's not a good thing to do. You're supposed to take it back to your seat and eat it there." Charles Hooper, 7th grade Cotillion Student

“As well as covering the gamut of social graces needed in such settings as weddings, parties and dances, cotillion classes provide students with the skills they need in interviews for college and jobs and other settings.” Annette Baird, Houston Chronicle

"Michael told us several times that Cotillion wasn't just about dancing and that he was learning many things about etiquette.  Thank you for all you do to help our boys grow into young gentlemen." Pat Sauer

For Schools

"Club Etiquette gives our student first hand knowledge on how to treat each other and how to act at a formal or semiformal gathering. It is a great program that all of our 6th graders love!" 1st Baptist Academy, Mr. Todd Prince, Middle School Principal

"Mrs. Lewis' classes are fun. The children love her creative and interactive style. They don't even realize they are learning." Christ Memorial Lutheran Early Learning Centre, Mrs. Alice Johnson, Director

Private Lessons

“I learned things that I know I will use in the future that will benefit me greatly.” Susie Weller, student, Freshman College

Summer Camp

“Dear Mom and Dad,

          “Thanks for sending me to Etiquette Manners. I had so much fun that I was there almost everyday. It’s always fun, but I know this is my last year to go to Etiquette. I will try to remember all the etiquette manners so I can use them in the restaurant. I just can’t thank you enough, but when I go to college I will probably still know my etiquette manners even if I get married."

David Ruiz

David Ruiz, Summer Camp Student at Memorial Drive United Methodist, age 10

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